Sunday, 30 January 2011

Jan 2011

Januray saw MOTM MkII do it's first show! Almost as if by ceremony, we did it at West Street Live, third on the bill of four, to a healthy crowd of around 50.

We're all pretty buzzed out after the show, and there is an odd energy flying about the place. However, as much as we might want to indulge our gig heads, we must restrain ourselves and get down to some work.

We have 4 new tunes rattling around the place, 2 of which are pretty much set in stone and another couple that are a bit ragged round the edges. What we will most likely do is, record the lot, 'release' 'em on a demo and continue work on them. This is consistent with our overall approach to writing; we are not afraid to rework our songs and tear them to pieces if needs be. Indeed, this is the way 'Kill Your Boss' and 'Rumsfeld...' were written, originally being one song.

Hopefully after a couple of months we will have the new demo done and will be able to start gigging late April onwards. Where before we tried to go for a nation-wide spread of shows, we have reassessed our strategy and will be focusing more on Yorkshire than elsewhere, and aiming for a few London shows... while this is distasteful to us all, it is a reflection of the situation of artists, the sorry state of the music industry and art in general, and the economic realities of being skint...

...and I think that it is fair to say that we have not a plan beyond that! It is a well documented fact that I have more than a wee liking for planning and it is a not the easiest thing in the world to proceed without some sort of framework... but I also have a great amount of trust in the boys and in our ability to work hard and deliver the goods...

Please egg us on, please keep listening, please demand more songs, please demand us to play shows... we know our place... a touring band, playing shows to rooms full of angry people eager to express themselves and who secretly yearn for a better world...


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