Tuesday, 26 October 2010

MOTM mkII...

I suppose that it is time for a splatter of brainpoo, in the interest of consistency, transparency and clarity.

After recording our last wee offering (3 track featuring SWYM MWYS etc) we had what is known in the business as a ‘hiccup’, which has caused the Mega-mammalian onslaught to be reined in somewhat. A few fundamental problems all conspired against our pack and culminated in Lord t’X Eckford of Tarn to lay down his mighty spear – Bane of mammut americanum – in order to tend to his stalagmites and stalagtites!

So this, along with the fact that, due to lack of concentration and effort we had dropped the ball with writing, meant that we were way behind our schedule as outlined by the ‘Plan’… which accordingly got wrapped round a turd, flushed away and was last seen just off Filey Brigg, bobbing merrily towards the continent.

Anyway all that this means for you, the gracious though plainly unwell bystander, is the following;

Stepping into the bass-shaped hole left in our hearts by his douche-ness Don Eckers, is none other than Will ‘Billy the Kid/Fisher’ Price… Now, while he may be essentially ‘Jailbait’ - being outrageously young, he is, nonetheless, a daemonically gifted player of the guitar and his not inconsiderable skills apply to 4 strings.

Having drafted Will in during my summer sojourn in the bowels of the Iberian peninsula, much groundwork was done by the end of September. Indeed, our collective efforts have been so effective that, at the time of writing, we have 3 songs on the verge of completion and another 2 hovering around the place in a state of readiness… along with the ubiquitous cornucopia of riffs, beats and ideas that clutter our work space.

Gigwise – we’re not planning on doin’ any shows until the New Year, simply because we want to concentrate on getting these final 5 tunes finished, at least. Once that’s done, we’ll probably be looking to gig the living twattery out of the tunes, which should reveal to us whether they are actually any good… then after that we may record something…

We’re still sending the CDs out for a laugh, so if anyone wants to review us you can either drop us a message and we’ll bosh you one in the mail or you can go to our reverbnation or bandcamp pages where you can hear all the tunes from our last CD.

As always, any help, money, blowjobs or interest would be most welcome so if you want to flatter an ego, consider us!

In a bit then,


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