Tuesday, 22 March 2011

The 'sound'

Things are looking up.... gigs,new tunes, new bass player, better quality marijuana and a new recording in the pipeline. Everything else in the world might be fucked but that's not too bad for us!

Over the past few months we've been residing in our hollow, writing an overall organic yet wilful and organised cacophony of sounds for the already battle-haggard, resonating ears of the horde...... we have some new tunes.... finally!

Personally.... I believe that the new songs as a collective, although so far untitled and devoid of any mutterings, certainly encapsulate the 'sound' that we have been aspiring towards and although this 'sound' will surely continue to develop and evolve into something that is truly worthy of Beast-Death Spear-core status (or stoner thrash as described in a recent review!) I think that the finished product will be a fine offering. This will also be the first recording with Will, who has now skinned his first animal hide and is ready to finish sharpening the flint for his spear. He has encouraged and somewhat musically demanded a completely different approach to writing, this is evident in the new songs but I think will be more-so in future endeavours.

We're all set to record the drums with Greg down at Hiram HQ. I've decided to experiment with the drum takes this time around by asking a good friend of mine (check out Invasion Is Not An Option) to produce an 'alternative' mix, using 'Superior Drummer' to sample selected parts of the kit. I have always been totally against the use of samples or triggers and believe that they take away the feel, soul and individuality of the player but this is sometimes in sacrifice of a consistent and water-tight take..... I suppose there are arguments for both and this has caused slight debate in the camp but I think, if nothing else, it will help us to interpret and define a consistent, ideal quality of production and a 'sound' that we can replicate both in the studio and on-stage. The vocals will most likely also be recorded at Hiram HQ and if this is not the case for guitars, then there has been talk of doing them down at the MOTM practice room going for more of a DIY/experimental vibe. Time will tell..... we'll keep you updated and hopefully there will be a 'making of' video uploaded to coincide with the release. Yes, it's a bit assuming and maybe slightly egotistic but fuck you! It'll be mint!

So... watch this space! Please keep supporting us, we're still here! Maybe the new recording, a good string of decent reviews and the increasing (slowly but surely) number of gigs will inspire and arouse our inner-beast...... maybe not. Still..... send us money!

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